Peter Jurgec

Graduate Courses

At the University of Toronto, I have been teaching the following courses:

What to expect

Interested in taking a course with me? I look forward to seeing you in the classroom. In my teaching, I try to accommodate every student. I work hard to get as much of in class engagement as possible. There are two types of graduate courses I teach: some provide a solid overview of phonology, whereas others focus on a particular topic. In all my classes, I combine classic lectures with group work, and in-class discussion. A fair share of the class time is devoted to developing professional skills.

Here is what some of my past students have said:

Peter is great. He's very enthusiastic about teaching and phonology- which shows in his teaching. The course content was challenging, but Peter was very helpful.
Peter is a great instructor. He gave us a lot to study but not to much so we didn't get overwhelmed. He explained everything VERY clearly and adjusted the pace to students' needs. Weekly questions are very helpful, skillfully design to draw attention to some crucial parts of the weekly readings. Even though I don't plan to pursue phonology as my main field, it was one of the best courses I've taken. [Fall 2014 Evaluations]
The overall quality of instruction in this course was excellent. The instructor was enthusiastic about the course material and kept the class engaged. [Fall 2014 Evaluations]
The instruction was very clear, and the pace of presenting new material was manageable. Creating an environment for discussion helped in hitting home new concepts that were presented. [Fall 2014 Evaluations]
Peter is an excellent instructor who in this class balanced the workload, which was high but not insane, nicely. The classes were well prepared and showed that the instructor spent a lot of time in preparation. Because the paper draft was due earily, the class presentations were not an afterthought, but a chance to refine our analyses. The class also had a lot of debate and discussion. [Fall 2014 Evaluations]
Dr. Jurgec provided great instruction. His lectures were clear, well organized, and at a good pace. All questions were welcomed and promptly addressed. The assignments were well structured and familiarized us with a step by step approach to data analysis. [Fall 2015 Evaluations]
Peter is an excellent professor. He is very organized. The lecture slides were very helpful. He was always willing to answer questions. Overall he is a really nice guy who is trying to help us learn. [Winter 2016 Evaluations]
Peter is very open, friendly and made class enjoyable. In class he is very personable. I really like the seminar atmosphere. At the graduate level, I really appreciate being able to have discussion instead of just being lectured. [Winter 2016 Evaluations]
Peter was sensitive to student concerns and willing to meet with us to discuss our progress in the course. I found that this great. [Winter 2016 Evaluations]
Thank you very much, for everything you've done in this course! I will seriously consider the method of peer reviewing if I ever teach a graduate course in the future; it is such a good way to prepare students for scholarly publications. [Email]