Peter Jurgec


Since I joined the University of Toronto, I have conducted several fieldwork trips with undergraduate students.

In 2017, five undergraduate students visited Slovenia and conducted fieldwork on multiple locations as part of their course work. We looked at the palatal nasal in the north-eastern Slovenian dialects, vowel harmony in central Slovenian, and secondary palatalization in Zadrečka Valley. We conducted three production experiments, including the preparation of the stimuli and subsequent analysis. Rosie Webb has written a blog about it here. Check it out for pictures.

In 2016, three undergraduate students visited Slovenia and conducted fieldwork in two villages. In Mostec, we examined nasal harmony using a dual-chamber nasalance mask, instrumentally confirming thus far the first case of nasal harmony in a Slavic language. In Šmartno, we looked at nominal paradigms, filling the gaps in the existing data, using elicitation. Check out pictures and read more about the trip at the Linguistics department blog. This trip was supported by the Germany-Europe fund grant to Peter Jurgec.