Peter Jurgec

Recommendation Letters

I would be happy to provide a Reference/Recommendation Letter for you. The length of the letter will depend on the extent of your experience with me. Generally, the more classes you have taken, the more I can write about your performance. If you have worked for me as a research assistant (either as a part of the work-study program, as a temporary hire, or as a volunteer), I can also say something about that. If you have worked with me on a research project, I will mention that. If I have supervised you, or been on your committee, I will be able to say even more. My goal is to write about one to two pages for undergraduate students, two pages for MA students and at least three pages for graduating PhD students.

Letters can take a long time to write. In 2017 alone, I wrote over 100 letters for 37 different students. To make this easier for me, please, send me an email with the following information: (i) addresses, (ii) deadlines, (iii) details of what I should mention (courses, work-study, volunteering etc.), and (iv) CV, transcript, cover letter and whatever documents you will submit. Please, remind me to submit your reference a week before the deadline. Thanks!